2018 CRW Offshore Regatta

The Offshore Regatta is open to all members of a National Sailing Authority, ILYA Yacht Club or One Design Class Association.

Racing is offered for Spinnaker, JAM, and a Casual Cruising Race on Saturday. The OA will determine class splits and starting groups. One Design boats will be scored separately as a class if 5 or more boats are registered prior to June 20, 2017. All entrants shall submit a current Rating Certificate.

Boats without rating certificates will have temporary time on distance ratings assigned to them by the Edgewater Yacht Club OA. Boats racing PHRF with One Design ratings shall comply with their One Design Class Rules. All assigned ratings are valid for this regatta only and may not be protested. This changes RSS 60.1, 78.1 and 78.2.


Thursday, June 21 Offshore evening race
Cocktail party & chili following racing
Friday, June 22 Offshore evening race
Regatta party following racing
Saturday, June 23 Offshore race day one
Blender party following racing
Entertainment by Abby Normal
Sunday, June 24 Offshore race day two
Bloody Mary bar following racing
Offshore weekend awards ceremony
Entertainment by Alex Bevan